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Our DNA & Fingerprinting Laboratory, accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)—an autonomous body under the Government of India's Department of Science & Technology—offers top-tier DNA testing services in the country.

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DNA Fingerprinting, an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, stands among the rapidly advancing entities in genetic and biochemical diagnostic testing. As India’s pioneer Private DNA Lab, we endeavor to deliver superior solutions aided by a proficient team, state-of-the-art technology, and an expansive molecular diagnostic network tailored for various conditions on a laboratory scale. Our primary focus is on providing personalized medical care, addressing patients’ sensitive medical histories and test preferences through a confidential approach. It’s a matter of pride to be associated with India’s inaugural private DNA Testing Laboratory.

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DNA Fingerprinting Lab is led by a team of professionals boasting diverse experiences. Our belief is simple: technology should be affordable, accessible, and available to all. Our technicians, scientists, and experts continuously engage in research and innovation to provide dependable answers to your inquiries and reliable solutions to your problems. Our invaluable assets include a caring staff, mentors, and highly trained technicians.

DNA & Fingerprinting testing Laboratory is accredited by the following: ISO 15189:2012, ILAC/MRA and NABL Certification.


We take immense pride in being counted among the topmost DNA Testing Centers in India, offering test results with nearly 100% accuracy for various purposes. Our reputation extends across the medical, legal, law enforcement, and media sectors, where our work and best practices are acknowledged and respected. For those prioritizing quality, turnaround time, and reliability, we stand as one of the most recommended and trusted chains of DNA Testing centers in India.

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Dr. Pragya Sinha

Ph.D/Doctorate - Biotechnology
"Dr. Pragya Sinha holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and boasts seven years of hands-on experience with NGS Platform and Sanger Sequencing. Proficient in managing NIPT, DNA, and Genetic tests, she brings extensive expertise to her field."

Dr Rahul Reddy

Ph.D/Doctorate - Human Genetics
"Dr. Rahul Reddy, Ph.D., is a Human Genetics expert with a doctorate and 18 years of experience in utilizing the NGS Platform and Sanger Sequencing techniques. Specializing in oncogenetics, he possesses extensive expertise in precision medicine and has served as a Clinical Geneticist."

Dr. Nikhil Pandey

Ph.D/Doctorate - Human Genetics
"Dr. Nikhil Pandey holds a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and brings 12 years of expertise in utilizing the NGS Platform and Sanger Sequencing. Specializing in Neurology and Metabolic Diseases, he possesses extensive experience in fetal medicine and has served as a Clinical Geneticist.."

Dr. Nabya Nehal

MD Pathologist
"Dr. Nabya Nehal, an MD Pathologist, boasts a wealth of 12 years' experience focused on forensic pathology and DNA testing. With an exceptional specialization in DNA testing and forensics, Dr. Nehal has dedicated her career to unraveling intricate genetic codes and applying them in forensic investigations."
God's ways are truly incredible. The individual I once battled in a two-year legal dispute is now a joyful and devoted father. DNA Fingerprinting played a pivotal role in making this transformation possible, and their counseling support was invaluable to me.
I'm grateful to the DNA Fingerprinting Lab for enabling me to reunite with my biological parents after a relentless 14-year search. I'm now happily residing with my birth father on our property in Mumbai.
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