Sibling Ship DNA Test



Siblingship DNA tests are designed to determine the likelihood of a biological relationship between two individuals who are believed to be siblings but may not have a known parent in common. These tests analyze genetic markers present in the DNA of both individuals to establish the probability of their sibling relationship.

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Test NameSibling Ship DNA Test
Sample TypeBuccal Swabs, Blood  with Premium Price (Hair with roots, Nails)
Pre-test InformationSibling Ship DNA Test provide a scientific means to affirm or disprove sibling relationships, offering clarity and understanding in various life situations.
Report Delivery8-10 Days
ComponentsSiblingship DNA tests serve various purposes, ranging from confirming sibling relationships in legal cases, such as inheritance claims or custody disputes, to satisfying personal curiosity about biological connections within a family.
Price₹ 26000
MethodSanger Sequencing


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