Immigration DNA Test

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Immigration DNA Testing involves the analysis and comparison of genetic material to establish relationships between family members for immigration purposes. This test is often used when traditional documentation or legal proof of relationship is unavailable or insufficient to meet immigration requirements. The primary goal of Immigration DNA Testing is to confirm biological relationships between family members applying for immigration, especially when official documents or records are lacking or deemed inconclusive. These tests serve as a means to reunite families separated by borders, offering a pathway to navigate stringent immigration regulations.

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Test NameImmigration DNA Test
Sample TypeBuccal Swabs, Blood 
Pre-test InformationImmigration DNA Testing involves collecting biological samples, often through a painless cheek swab, from the individuals involved. These samples are then analyzed to establish genetic connections and determine the probability of relationships.
Report Delivery8-10 Days
ComponentsImmigration DNA Test results hold legal weight and are recognized by immigration authorities and courts worldwide. They serve as crucial evidence in immigration cases, supporting claims of family relationships when other forms of documentation are unavailable or inconclusive.
Price₹ 26000
MethodSanger Sequencing


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