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Paternity DNA Testing serves various purposes, including the resolution of legal and immigration issues, as well as addressing peace of mind concerns. DNA Fingerprinting, with a collection center in India, offers an affordable and precise Paternity DNA Test within the country.

In a paternity DNA test, the child’s genetic pattern is compared to that of the alleged father. Since both biological parents transmit their genetic information to the child, a conclusive determination of the true biological father can be made by comparing DNA patterns from both individuals.

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Test NamePaternity DNA Test
Sample TypeBuccal Swabs, Blood  with Premium Price (Hair with roots, Nails)
Pre-test InformationOffering peace of mind and legal validation where necessary
Report Delivery8-10 Days
ComponentsFor cases where paternity results are not required in a legal context, the Private DNA Paternity Test Kit is suitable. This option allows individuals to uncover the truth before deciding on the next steps, delivering the same conclusive results as a legal test. Opting for a peace of mind test means a home DNA paternity testing kit will be sent for private sample collection at your convenience. The sample collection process takes just minutes, ensuring a quick, easy, and discreet procedure.

Paternity testing aids in legally establishing the identity of the father and supports relatives seeking a visa by offering biological proof of their status. Importantly, DNA testing provides certainty, leading to physical, emotional, and financial benefits.
Price₹ 13000
MethodSanger Sequencing


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