Organ Transplant DNA Test

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Organ transplantation stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with life-threatening conditions. However, the success of these procedures hinges significantly on the compatibility between the donor and recipient. This is where organ transplant DNA testing emerges as a crucial tool in modern medicine.

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Test NameOrgan Transplant DNA Test
Sample TypeBuccal Swabs, Blood  with Premium Price (Hair with roots, Nails)
Pre-test InformationOrgan transplant DNA testing plays a pivotal role in modern medicine, revolutionizing the landscape of transplantation by ensuring compatibility and mitigating the risks associated with organ rejection
Report Delivery8-10 Days
ComponentsDNA testing in organ transplantation, ultimately fostering better understanding and appreciation for the complexities and advancements in this life-saving field of medicine.
Price₹ 13000
MethodSanger Sequencing


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